What are the short video apps in India?

Creating short videos on social media is a trend towards the entertaining and indulging audience. In fact, many social platforms today have introduced their in-built short video creation feature, where users can easily make videos with different niches.

After the popular apps like Likee, MXtakatak, Vigo Video and more in India, well recognized socializing channels such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube launched their short video making feature. Instagram came forward with Reels and YouTube and Facebook with Shorts.

Here in this article, we will be looking at some of India’s best short video apps.

The Top-Listed Best Short Video Apps in India:

The list of top short video apps in India that has rapidly let online users forget TikTok and other Chinese apps are as follows:

  1. Instagram Reels: Instagram is one of the popular social media application that is featured rich to share videos, photos with friends and others. It even gives users a choice to create feed and stories. The editing and recording of short clips (30-sec multi-clip), audio, etc., make Instagram a choice to hang upon. With the new launch of feature Reels, Instagram has successfully beaten TikTok; however, still, it is not similar to that particular app. After the launch of Reels, short video sharing on Instagram is although favourite for many.


  1. Youtube Shorts: To watch movies, songs and share videos in any niche, YouTube is a famous platform. Recently after the ban of TikTok in India, YouTube launched a new feature as YouTube Shorts. It is offering YouTubers and efficiency to add 60 seconds video clip. Many YouTubers and influencers are using this feature to forecast their channel content in short content form.


  1. Max Taka Tak: The recent ban of TikTok in India has increased the popularity of desi short video apps like Max Taka Tak. The platform gives users a way to create videos and discover themselves. Popular Indian celebrities like Jannat Zubair, Garima Chaurasia, etc., even had official accounts on Max Taka Tak with millions of followers. Here at this app, you can also make funny videos and dubbed dialogues and songs.


  1. Josh: If you are looking for a fantastic camera filter and video making India app, check out Josh. It offers various features like slow motion, background sounds collection, etc., to shoot funny and entertaining videos. Many popular video creators and influencers like Vishal Pandey, Mr Faisu, Samkeesha Sud and more are using Josh. Even becoming a star name on Josh will give you an easy way to earn money.


  1. Moj: If you want to create or watch the latest short videos the do use Moj. It gives you a stylish way to build a following and be a social media star. Moj is getting popular in India day by day. With an array of filters, video editing and stickers, this short video making app is a desi trendsetter for many young Indians.


  1. Facebook Shorts: Facebook has recently introduced a new feature, Facebook Short Videos. With the hike popularity of Facebook-a social media channel for millions of users worldwide, this new feature by Facebook has increased its success.


  1. Mitron: To give yourself a feel of a social media star, the Mitron app is never behind in the race. The application is relatively new as it was launched in the year 2020, but its popularity is rapidly making it a popular alternative to creating short videos by Indian users.


  1. Snapchat: Well, it is one of the recognized social media channels widely used to create short videos. The in-built camera feature with ample unique options like filters, effects gives you a funny shoot chance to create and share videos instantly.

Final Verdict:

There are many other social media apps that have to enhance their features to create short videos and clips. So if you want instant and real-time social media star fame, then download and install any of the high rated short video apps. Let your talent and skills get a witty way to reach millions. You can create videos for fun, entertainment and educational purpose.

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