How Did This Pandemic Change You and Your Way of Thinking?

Coronavirus Pandemic has not only slows down the global growth but also lead to significant health failures across. It has affected the lives of humans and even animals to a great extent, and it will continue until we are capable of breaking the chain of the virus.

With Covid-19, we have investigated how much to work on medical facilities and sustain good health for all. Moreover, the lost jobs, no schooling, no travel, and governmental limitations worldwide have trapped us all into homes. The lockdown even has affected more negatively that has lead to anxiety and stress.

The restricted movement has badly prone our physical and mental health. With many drawbacks, few benefits have also hover over our life. We have wondered ourselves in a more precise way and experience new things. In this blog, we will be discussing both sides, good and bad, and we are facing this Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Positive Side That Comes With Pandemic:

  1. Learn Better Skills: Staying at home for weeks and months has shown better skill development. Creativity has taken a fly while bodies are bound in restrictions. During covid-19, not only kids but adults too have learned many new things.
  1. Spend Quality Time: Normal routines and hectic everyday schedules earlier have led to the loss of family time and weekend home chores. Thus, the pandemic has allowed us to stay at home and improve health and happiness together.
  1. Work For Home Efficiency: Employees and owners both get an excellent chance to stay at home manage work. The flexibility in routine, however, in start make it challenging, but later it was managed.
  1. Improved Environment: Less movement of people, and lesser industrial working, helped the environment to get stabilized. The control in pollution had to make our surrounding more clear and fresh.
  1. Relationships Get Lively: Living together with family has helped every individual happy and even make the relationship more lively. It allowed couples and children with parents to understand each other.
  1. Make Better Future Plans: Pandemic has helped people be more lively in the present and simultaneously better future planners. However, overstocking let’s make needy people get hampered, and superstores with out of stock for a longer span.
  1. Open More Online Career Opportunities: After many lost their jobs and students get free from colleges, give all a chance to build an online career. Online professional building becomes popular as people entered into writing, blogging, vlogging, influencing, etc.
  1. Learn Kindness: With Covid-19 strain worldwide, we have learned good ways to behave. It even helps people to be kind and generous. People learn to help others in need and even animals living on the street with food and care.

The Negative Side That Comes With Pandemic:

  1. Affected Life In Multiple Ways: Apart from affecting health, loss of jobs and financial crisis led the life of people more on an opposing track. However, later people adapt it and make efforts to balance their life and family too. Financial insecurity was tha major drawback for people at different social levels.
  1. Social Anxiety: Living for weeks and months at home causes social anxiety and stress. The psychological behavior in starting turned into mood swings and depression. It even affected the regularity of sleep hours.
  1. OverStocking Make Situation Worse: The heaviness and anxiety of pandemic and specially lockdown situations turned it more worst. People started overstocking medicines, foodstuff, and more everyday necessities, making it short in the market and unapproachable for others in need.
  1. Failed Medical Facilities: Coronavirus has shown the real picture of medical facilities and the health care system worldwide. The failed medical necessities like shortage of sanitizers, surgical masks, beds in hospitals, oxygen cylinders, and medicines stocking have turned the life of patients in need of them. The failed health care management with lack of ambulance, hospital staff, no vaccine and medicines tell the plans to be more futuristic into this.
  2. Make Children Trapped: Obviously, outdoor games are prime important for better growth and development. Even it gives better skill development, physical and mental health stimulation but covid-19 has trapped them. The studies and playing with friends together let affected kids.

Final Verdict:

Pandemic has impacted our life in both good and bad ways. Moreover, it has changed our way of thinking. Importantly people have become more thoughtful and creative with the time of being a stay-at-home. 

Earlier it was nothing, just a trapped life that comes with psychological issues like anxiety and stress. Apart from being healthy, happiness was a task for people to deal with when social distancing is the significant aspect to break the chain of coronavirus until a proper health care system is created to save human lives worldwide.

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