Can Chegg track your IP address?

Do you know what Chegg is? Well, let’s talk about some crucial things about this unique platform, or you can say a website. Chegg is basically an innovative way for students worldwide to study and learn with a vision of low-cost investment.

Chegg Inc fosters a culture for scholars to have education globally. Still, many people think this academic website track the IP address. See the blog below and find if it does so or not?

The Chegg Overview:

Chegg is a popular American education technology company founded in 2005 and based in Santa Clara, California-United States.

The company is dedicated to helping students to offer online textbook rentals. It included both physical and digital textbook formats.

Moreover, Chegg is also specialized in providing scholars online tutoring, homework help, scholarship, and internship matching programs. Chegg is an even advance developed platform for students in high school and college.

The Servies Chegg Offer:

Chegg is indeed an innovative way for students to study and learn. Chegg is the one-stand solution for scholars across the planet to get high-quality academic books and more with multiple services.

The company is reliable to help students in the following solutions as below-

  1. Rent and Buy Books.
  2. Sell Books.
  3. Textbook Solutions.
  4. Expert Question and Answers.
  5. Study Pack.
  6. Practicing for exams.
  7. Learning in Various Academic Subjects.
  8. Citations.
  9. Paper and Homework.
  10. Internship etc.

Do Chegg Track The IP Address?

There was a burning controversy about Chegg that can forward in 2019 that Chegg is helping students cheat. Chegg has always been a part of problems and controversies because of its services such as homework help, experts Q & A, academic file sharing, etc.

In February 2019, when Chegg partnered with Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) to make online education more accessible for students was reported with a cheat and helping students claim.

Citron Research even reported in July 2019 that Chegg is helping users to continue institutionalized cheating.

Chegg does ensure of its policy which says to give out the account information including the IP address browser or operating system details to their partner LiveRamp Inc and its group of companies etc. for making their services ongoing to find where you are exactly located.

Is Chegg Still A Better Platform For Students Or Not?

Precisely, Chegg is one of the incredible academic platforms for scholars to have rental textbooks in both physical and digital books.

Chegg services are pretty low and student-friendly, which makes it a popular learning website company worldwide.

When it comes to insights on Chegg services, that website is relatively good for buying books at discounted rates and even a versatile platform to get instant homework help and scholarship.

It even allows educators to have expert Q & A solutions, including tutoring services at affordable rates.

Final Verdict:

Chegg is not a popular academic-based company today but a platform that is relatively helping students to study, gain knowledge, and have better skill development. However, with many faults and failures, Chegg is reportedly into the call of being cheating, making its reputation down.

Even the claim about IP address traces is another fall that makes Chegg a discrete web link for online students worldwide. With its improved Honor Code and Review processes, Chegg is still standing out from its competitive online learning websites.

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