What Are Some Free Business Books I Can Get?

Want to live successfully in the business world, then keep yourself updated with the latest business trends and entrepreneurship tips.

If you really want to stand out from your competitors, then search and gain knowledge on the newest business hacks, ways to expand your trade, leadership goals, etc.

Buying lots of business books is always not possible. Thus why not take benefit of the internet. When everything is just a few clicks away, why not read business eBooks and other sources over the web.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the free business books you can find.

The Popular eBooks Platform for Business Explorers:

  1. BesteBooksWorld: If you are looking for a massive collection of free eBooks, then land your interest on BesteBookWorld. Here you can find more than 500 eBooks, with efficiency to download in PDF format. The various categories like entrepreneurship, online business, investing, economy, sales, finance, etc., can give your long-term business goals endless knowledge.
  1. E-Books Directory: It was launched in 2008, providing online users free eBooks to download. The website is featured in biographies, arts and photography, business and investing, cooking, engineering, graphic novels, and more.
  1. Barnes and Noble: Well, it is a book outlet company with its origin in 1886. For eBook readers, Barnes and Noble are popular, introducing the countless book and ebook categories. More than 2,100 free ebooks are available on this website on different genres like business, economics, marketing, general fiction, graphic novels, comics, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, historicals, etc.
  1. Project Gutenberg: For more than 50,000 eBooks, Project Gutenberg is an excellent platform. It was founded in 1971 when the internet and eBooks were not even known to the world. This is one of the oldest digital libraries, serving eBook readers with an array of categories such as business, leadership, marketing, engineering, fiction, health, and more.
  1. BookBoon: In 1988, BookBoon was introduced in Denmark, focusing on encouraging students and business professionals. On the count of eBooks, the platform is efficient working more to launch free eBooks. BookBooks has more than 100 eBooks in business, accounting, human resource management, self-motivation, health, psychology, etc.
  1. Google Books: In 2004, Google launched a new service for eBook readers as Google Books. With a massive database of books and magazines to read and download online, Google Books is one of the popular platforms today for online book readers. The various categories like business, marketing, leadership, science, medicines, health, psychology, science-fiction, and so on.
  1. Open Library: The platform was launched in 2006 for eBook readers. Online Library inherits more than 20 million ebooks collection, including business, marketing, entrepreneurship, self-motivation, economics, and more.
  1. Foboko: Foboko was launched in 2012, with a collective section of ebooks to access freely. Moreover, it is a recognized community for writers with a massive collection of books. Here you can search for business, finance, trade, leadership, business ethics books, etc.
  1. Amazon eBooks: Unlike many other eCommerce sites, Amazon is known for digital books (eBooks). People with Kindle can easily download them. So if you love to read, then you need to invest in a high-tech eBook reader gadget. On Amazon, you can search for more than 1,000 free eBooks on business, economics, and trade.

Final Verdict:

Whether you are a bookworm or just need to digest some books to build your business, there is nothing better than eBooks today. The above-described platforms are specially meant for e-readers to enjoy any genre book, into handy gadgets, and enjoy the moment. Find your kind of eBooks for business and trade you want to achieve.

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