How do I publish an eBook on Google Play books after publishing it on KDP?

The era of books when comes within the digital spectrum known to be as eBook. The trend to read books is now explored on tablets and smart devices; thus, the popularity of eBooks has increased.

In fact, publishing eBooks on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is even a worth good idea and preferable choice for people today.

This article will discuss the KDP and how even eBooks can be published on Google Play. So let us get started on this in deep below.

What is KDP?

KDP is a self-publish platform for ebooks and paperback, just for free. It allows you direct access to your published book on Amazon.

Moreover, also help in creating a product detail page for your book with information such as book availability worldwide. It ensures custom-friendly efficiency to your published book, which is more precise than traditional publishing of books never allows.

The Type of Content You Are Allowed To Publish Through KDP:

Here below, we are listing the content and eBooks you are allowed to publish on KDP. It does not permit you to create magazines, periodicals, and spiral-bound books. The content-type typically allowed to publish using KDP in eBooks and paperbacks are as follows-

  1. Novels.
  2. Books Series.
  3. Comics.
  4. Children’s Books/Kids Niche Books.
  5. Journals.
  6. Poetry.
  7. Textbooks.

Can Publishing of eBooks Is Easy And Allowed After Publishing in Kindle Direct Publishing?

Often most people get confused over this. We have gathered considerable facts say that if you have enrolled your eBook for the KDP Select Program. 

On this, unlimited Kindle users or members can read your book for free, then the efficiency of your eBook to get published elsewhere is restricted. However, publishing of paperback is allowed where ever you wanted.

The Significant Steps To Help You With eBooks Publishing On Google Play; Only if Not Published It On KDP:

Let us count on few easy-peasy steps to publish your eBooks on Google Play. For Android users, Google Play is merely not a store to download different mobile applications.

In fact, an intelligent approach to publish eBooks and paperbacks is a significant platform for authors to reach millions of users efficiently.

Step 1: Create your account on Google Play Partner.

Step 2: Fill in your details, such as financial information, and link it with your associated bank account.

Step 3: Next is to create your first book. For this, click on the “Add your first book” option. This will give you the efficiency to publish your ebook on Google play or even help you with sale features etc. If planning for sale option than obviously needed ISBN, Book ID details and more.

Step 4: Enter your eBook metadata which is categorized into four sections as about the book, genres, contributors, and settings.

Step 5: Pretty next is to upload your book and its cover files such as the front image of the book, EPUB or PDF, and back cover of the book. The back cover image is, however, optional. This is precisely a perfect setup to attract readers and get content reviewers.

Step 6: Go for book price on Google Play Books. You are allowed to set different prices within different regions in multiple currencies.

Step 7: Final and last is to go with review and publish. Before you click on publish option, check filled details if correct or not. Yes! Hit the “Publish” button.

The Bottom Line:

Publishing books and eBooks online is now not a dream anymore for authors. In fact, it is a few minutes algorithm to get their book to publish online on popular platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing, Google Books, etc. However, you need to follow certain norms and regulations to publish your ebook or paperback successfully.

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