What is the best Android app to hide apps?

Not all stuff in our smartphone is meant for others to scroll and look at. So what to do if you know your mobile phone is often handy with your friends and family members.

Keeping things private is indeed not a wrong thing as some stuff is worth confidentiality and inappropriate for others too.

To avoid such accidental scrolling or intentionally choosing people to look for every single stuff use intelligent apps. There are countless applications for both Android and iOS users to hide particular stuff or apps.

This helps in preventing facing any awkward situation in front of family and friends.

In this article, we will be telling you about some of the best app solutions to goodbye your worries about private images, confidential document files, etc.

The Best Apps To Hide Apps In Your Smartphones:

Below, we are listing some of the top-picked Android applications to help you hide other apps.

  1. Secret Photo Vault-Keepsafe: To avoid the anxiety on privacy when someone holds your mobile phone, use this secret photo vault application. This will give others no clue of your personal photos and videos you have on your device.

If you are an Android user, download this intelligent application on your mobile to keep every picture highly confidential. The app is one of the most popular picked security apps to lock your images and videos. 

With this app, you can easily block access within PIN protection, fingerprint touch ID, and even military-grade encryption feature.

  1. Hide Pictures & Video-Vaulty: The videos and pictures are often not meant for a public glance. In fact, if you are not in the mood to keep your phone with a password lock, then use apps to hide files and pictures.

With this Hide Pictures and & Video application, you will get an easy way to lock the album or videos you want to secure. You can even go with a PIN password or codes to protect your photos and videos from intruders so that nobody can see them. 

Hidden media files within this app are ideal when your phone is lost, missed, or broken accidentally.

  1. Vault: keeping your phone stuff highly secure is the challenge you need to deal with every day. Even access to personal data accidentally within false actions and scandals is easy. Thus if you are concern about your mobile files, photos, and other media access, go with this smartphone app, Vault.

The application is being used by more than 100 million Android users worldwide as reliable in features to keep your photos and videos hidden and lowers the risk of leaking.

In fact, the app even lets you access to keep your social media accounts locked so that nobody can go through your messages and emails. 

Browser confidentiality, cloud service security, app blocking, etc., are some other features of application Vault.

  1. App Hider: If you want to hide specific media files and even unlock social media apps, the App Hider is a significant choice. It is ideally suggested for big corporation owners and entrepreneurs. This app surely gives a high level of security and confidentiality when the data leak it at its peak.

With App Hider, media files, such as photos and videos, can be hidden, but even the access to social media accounts can be locked.

The app is compatible with Android users as easily adopted with What’s App, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and more. 

It can be turned into a calculator vault that keeps your data protected. In fact, the number of terms your passcode is put in will also be stored on your home screen.

  1. Hide App- Hide Application Icon: With the installation of this Hide App, you can lock and hide multiple applications. It is even good for keeping your screen with low icons within an arranged manner. The app is not only developed to keep your unwanted pics and videos hidden from others but also good to lock certain social media accounts.

It is even supported with a PIN lock and passcode to make your phone stuff highly secure and private to access. Other features like cache clean, phone boost, app notification clean, auto-backup, etc., makes this smartphone hide app a more efficient choice. 

The Other Android Apps To Hide Apps And Files:

Some other Android apps to use for hiding files and other applications are as follows-

  1. Hide App, App Hider Premium
  2. Clock Secret Vault.
  3. Apex Launcher.
  4. Clock – The Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker.
  5. Pic Safe.
  6. Hide Photos Video – Hide it Pro.

Final Verdict: 

Just end your worries to keep your phone data, media files, videos, and photos secure with smartphone (Android) applications. With precise features and confidentiality options, now you can easily lock and hide the stuff you don’t want others to see. Even your social media accounts and messages are secure with such high-tech mobile hide apps. What next are you waiting for? If you think your mobile is at risk of leaking data, get one hide app today. 

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