How Can You Download Themes For a Mobile?

Smartphones are common these days, but not every user prefers to have in-built mobile themes and icon designs.

Thus for them, customize themes are a good way to synchronize. Not every mobile still allows the efficiency for theme download.

Downloading the mobile themes is, however, quite easy. How? Well, in this blog, we will be helping you with the mobile theme download process below and more.

The Theme Downloading For Mobile?

Here you can know the steps to download themes for your mobile phones.

Step 1: Choose the right website or application to have the right theme. Generally, phones have in-built few themes like light and dark backgrounds only.

Phones with a company like Samsung comes with an awesome theme store that even gives users the efficiency to change icon shapes.

Step 2: Pick the theme you liked the most. The choice is, of course, all yours.

Many themes are free, and some are paid. Even the top picks option is also good to know the most outstanding themes for mobile.

Step 3: Choose the launcher to get the theme into your device, offering an opportunity to the mobile for easy customization.

One of the popular smartphone theme launchers is Nova Launcher that comes with icon packs, icon sizes, font options, etc. It is all available with the free and paid version.

Free came with limitations, and paid one comes with more options. Action Launcher is even a considerable choice.

It gives smartphones like Google Pixel to any Android device efficiency and features. However, stuck on the older Android version.

Step 4: Downloading Icon Pack and Wallpaper: Next, get your kind of custom icon pack you found attractive and lovely for your phone. Go for your favorite color. Generally, icon packs are cheap that even cost less than one dollar.

Check for your appealing wallpapers with a high-quality resolution. The background must be pleasing and convenient to see the icons and options while operating a mobile phone.

Custom-friendly choices come with your gallery photos too. People love to keep pictures of their partner, children, parents, pets, etc.

The Best Themes For Smartphones (Android) in 2021:

Here we are listing some of the top mobile themes in 2021 that are easy to download and give your mobile an outstanding appearance. The themes are as follows:

  1. Action Launcher (Free): This is one of the incredible themes that give you a feel of pixel launcher or material design. The features like the wealth of color, custom-friendly home screen shine, makes it worth fascinating app. The theme is even awarded as Google Play’s best application with basic elements. It comes with auto-customized wallpaper colors and other options such as icon sizes, quick bar, etc.
  1. MT Style For Kustom KLWP (Free): Indeed, a popularly picked Android theme based on KLWP is developed with custom-friendly options. It comes with vibrant combination background and pleasing colors. The different home screen styles make the MT Style theme the best choice with a sophisticated look to your mobile. The theme is available on the Google Play Store with free download efficiency.
  1. Minimalist Experience For KLWP (Paid): For innovative features and seamless user experience, this Minimalist Experience theme is fantastic. This an ideal Android theme that gives users different backgrounds and options within multiple languages (3 different languages). The theme even comes with updated news needs and music players as add-on benefits. Simple design, classic appeal with nine unique high definition wallpapers, navbar support settings, forecast and weather updates, RSS news feeds, etc., makes it a top pick theme.
  1. Black Mount (Paid): In the list of best Android themes, Black Mount is a next-level choice that can be download from Google Play Store at budget-friendly rates. This is an amazing UI theme that comes with in-built basic tools and options. It comes with a favorite dialer, mail/messenger app icon change efficiency. It is a highly scalable theme that easily goes with screen size. Black Mount theme inherits cool backgrounds, wallpapers, weather forecast option, calendar, etc.
  1. Sleek Home (Paid): The theme that comes with all kinds of customized options such as color, font, background, home screen feature icons, etc. is Sleek Home. This is a uniquely designed Android theme that even gives users options with the search bar, widgets, and separate window to manage stuff. The theme is all simple to download for Google Play Store within a minimal amount.

The Bottom Line:

Unique themes for Android smartphone users are endless on Google’s Play Store. The super-easy way to search, download and install makes you’re mobile look more amazing and cool. If you find the one theme of your choice and desperately want it into your device, follow the steps as described above in the article. Don’t miss to check for the top 5 Android themes on the play store by users in 2021.

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