Is there any clinical trial data comparing double masks to single mask wearers to see if it makes a significant difference?

The coronavirus pandemic has failed our health care system worldwide. Even the recent searches are not that evidence-based, as the Covid-19 strain is more active than it was in the beginning. The recent claim by WHO (World Health Organization) says that coronavirus has become airborne and makes people more ill and weak.

People on social media are suggesting home remedies and other DIY hygiene care parameters to tackle Covid-19. Wearing a mask is now a mandatory part of your life when you have to go out from the home to buy groceries and everyday essentials. So now the question arises, what type of masks are appropriate to protect from coronavirus.

Well, you will see different types of masks worn by people like H1N1, surgical masks (disposable medical masks), hand-sewn masks, bandanas, and more. The choice is yours but still more precise to use and recommended by WHO and U.S CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Is The Use of Two Mask Better Than One?

With the increasing number of coronavirus patients, double masking suggestions are at the peak even if the vaccine is developed. Let’s find out below if two face masks work better to protect one from Covid-19.

  1. Double Mask And Control: According to a study by CDC, to control the transmission rate of Covid-19, the use of the double mask is more followed suggestion. However, single mask use also controls it, but double masking makes meticulate measure more controlled and keeps one more protected.
  1. Recent Studies And Health Experts Suggestions: A study observed that one masking protects you with almost 40% of particles compared to double masking it protects from 80%. Therefore the transmission rate would be easily controlled and less spread with double masks. It is recommended to use a fitted cloth mask over a surgical mask to control transmission rate.
  1. Protective Benefit: The use of double masking give coronavirus and germs a tougher barrier. Thus restricts the spreading of contagious infections. According to the CDC clinical study, the newer Covid-19 strain and mutations are quite potent, so using a double mask will prevent it to some extent. Layering is not good if you haven’t properly covered your mouth and nose, stopping germs from crawling in your body.
  1. Prime To Health: Use of the double mask can be uncomfortable, yet a prime part, especially for frontline professionals in health care. Double masking is ideally suggested by CDC and WHO to healthcare workers, doctors, sanitation staff, and other medical practitioners who keep meeting a lot of people every day. People using public transport, visiting hospitals, crowded areas, etc. also at high risk of infection. Thus double masking is effective for them to keep them protected at maximum.
  1. CDC Recommendations: Mask options are various in the market. Even the different design and shape of masks is now an add-on part in the trend. However, the ideal mask that perfectly fits the mouth and nose ensures material quality and provides good breathability.
  1. Suggested Precautions: CDC even came up with certain precautions and guidelines to wear masks. The recommendation to wear a double mask is only possible with one surgical and cloth mask. You should avoid layering two surgical masks (one over another). People using N95 or K95 masks are also restricted from overlayer their masks as it can affect the airflow and make breathing worse.

Bottom Line:

Well, double masking is a new CDC recommendation, especially if you are into healthcare practice or sanitation workers. What is more precise the size, fit, and quality a mask offer, no matter if you are wearing the single mask. The double mask will give you well-grounded protection against coronavirus.

The incorrect way of wearing a mask and using a loose-fitting mask will prone you to attack with viruses and germs, which can affect your health. Apart from masking, sanitizer, if not possible to wash hands, is also recommended. Use of disinfect hand wash, and keep your surroundings clean will also lower the risk of covid-19.

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