Who Is Rita In The Chobani Commercial

Who Is Rita In The Chobani Commercial – Rita conte her full name is Rita Maria Conte who was born on March 24, 1987. She was into the several profession namely-

A teacher

Athlete and

Professional pole dancer.

She is also known as the founder of the Pole dance academy and holds the main position in the academy on Who Is Rita In The Chobani Commercial.

In the academy, she is serving as one of the main lead to teaching people across. She is renowned because of her role as the protagonist in Clean Bandit’s Rockabye song.

There are lot many people who carry different professions to those of passion. However, not all hold the way to carry their work.

To some extend 50 per cent of the people take their dream ahead and 50 per cent lacks.

This is all due to the circumstances, conditions or we can say the situations.

But with firm determination and dedicate people walk upon. Now here is the case where people try to show up their calibre.

It is then people can get upon their state and their dreams.

Now similar is the case with  Rita Maria Conte.

She hold firm determination and was also dedicated to what she wanted to. No matter what her profession as she was always ready to give her best.

However, she managed to gain lot many achievements in her name.

To some of those are-

Achievements Of Who Is Rita In The Chobani Commercial

She managed to participate in the Italians championship 2014 and also reached the finals.

No matter she won or not, but showed her true spirit.

Later in the year 2015, she also won the silver medal in inter-regional and step towards the semi-finals.

With a lot, many such achievements she managed to took her name on the top.

Rita was born in Milan, Italy.

She always had a tendency toward sports considering that her childhood.

Her ardour for pole dancing rose in particular in 2011.

Her first faculty pole increase later in 2016 due to the speedy improvement of the discipline.

She has one boy and she has raised her with all care and efforts.

Along with her manner in her life, she had faced a whole lot of problems and had sacrificed a lot.

pointing out.


it became now not clean to journey.

to be a student and teacher.

by no means forgetting the role of mother.

In 2011, she advanced her passion for pole dancing and over the years crafted her competencies within the subject.

She might sometimes participate actively within the nearby pole recreation competitions however ultimately hit the milestone after 3 years in 2014.

At this degree, she started to take part on a countrywide stage.

Professional Life Of Rita Maria Conte

Who Is Rita In The Chobani Commercial – In 2016, she had founded the pole dance Accademia firenze (Florence) and is one of the maximum honoured and skilled tutors inside the academy.

Smooth bandit and sean paul noticed her performance inside the 2016 Italian championship pole recreation on youtube and therefore determined to selected her because of the protagonist for the song video along with different dancers.

The hardships that she had confronted for the duration of her lifestyles in shape perfectly to the position of the “unmarried discern” as depicted through the tune Rockabye.

She currently is operating on her now vibrant-looking destiny and is currently playing a ‘surprising second of repute’

In one of her interview she said that I did not thought I will be beginning my career with pole dance.

I am continually puzzled how those women who’re moms comprehend their desires with actually nothing.

After I made it myself, most effective then I found out that to be successful, you simply love what you do.

We ought to examine and although matters are uphill, we ought to now not give up.

There were many interviews she went through and told people about her journey and life.

Being a mother of unmarried women is not an easy job. Although we take some decision and it is we who gets benefits and disadvantages.

But there is nothing a world has to do. But it is we think so, not the world.

Therefore to prove the world we have to make something out of our lives and this is what Rita Maria Conte did so.

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