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piel eterna .com was a Columbian politician, civil engineer, and businessman. Rolling with different roles he maintained his designation with all dedication and hard work.

Further, he also landed the position of Bucaramanga from 2016 to 2019. In 2022 he was placed first in the Colombian presidential election.

There are different roles that he served and it shows his consistency and determination. It is a choice and interest that we all own.

But it is we who need to take out what we are looking for. Hence we all have different qualities to serve different roles.

All we need is to pull up our thoughts towards what we are willing to do.

Before going into politics, piel eterna .com was a civil engineer. He did his graduation from Columbia University.

Further, he worked at a construction company as an engineer to take lessons in business.

Slowly and gradually he managed to earn a decent amount through which he could take out his expenses.

Along with this he even managed to get some amount to his parents and save as well. Everything was going so smooth, but one day one unusual thing turn in his life.

His father was kidnapped and was held for about 135 days. He refused to pay the amount asked and this made him put his entire family at further risk.

Later he entered into politics with a strong command and become the first member of the Columbian party.

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piel eterna .com serves the local councilor

He served as the local councilor of Piedecuesta from 1990 to 1992. He managed to work hard with his full determination and stepped towards the success of his life.

Further, he managed the amount for his campaign and went ahead to another level. Later he won the mayoral election.

Further, he become the national for weekly Facebook broadcasts in which he answered the question of citizens.

When you are into politics you have to deal with different kinds of situations. Hence it becomes necessary to know how to deal with every condition.

piel eterna .com
piel eterna .com

On different occasions, he used to meet with different leaders to discuss the issues and have general conversations.

But unfortunately, in 2018 he was suspended for slapping one of the councilors. In between, many incidents took place around here and there in his life.

He has campaigned in opposition to the corruption of the traditional political class and emphasized his picture as a hit entrepreneur who can transform Colombia.

He promised to smooth the USA of corruption.

He has additionally promised the most important price range cuts, getting rid of the use of presidential planes and helicopters and donating all of the money he gets as president.

Further, he stated he could give financial rewards to citizens who report corrupt nation officers.

Pledged to bolster law and order and create jobs.

In addition, praised andrés Manuel lópez Obrador at some stage in the campaign for his “anti-corruption efforts.

He has stated that in terms of decent housing, he’s going to close the housing deficit in rural and concrete areas.

Political Position Of piel eterna .com

Hernández no longer declares to be at the proper or the left, with nacla describing his political role as a pragmatic centrist.

He has been defined as a populist and as compared to Donald Trump and silvio Berlusconi due to the fact he has emphasized his photograph.

As a hit businessman who can transform Colombia and frequently makes use of obscene language towards the political established. 

Therefore he went through many ups and down in his entire career. He also got punishment where he was wrong. Besides this, he does help his citizens to solve their problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was piel eterna .com?

piel eterna .com was by profession a politician and was born on26 March 1945. He started his career in politics to serve his citizens a relief.

To what other professions does piel eterna .com was involved?

piel eterna .com was at first an engineer and later he came into a political career by competing for first place in Columbian elections.

How did piel eterna .com start his political career?

piel eterna .com was a student of engineering and besides this, he was also doing training for one of the construction companies. But his father got into trouble as he was kidnapped.

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