What Is The Budget Of BTS Songs? The Seven Korean Boy Band

What Is The Budget Of BTS Songs? BTS Band that comprises of the seven Korean boys band has made a huge hit among millions of hearts.

They made their debut in 2013, under a small level, and kept on rising as step by step. They later entered the American consciousness in 2017 when they took the Billboard Music Award for the top artist of the year.

After breaking all the records and making the place among the industry of music they have been all set to make a hit against the hit.

Do You Know What Is BTS?

Making their first debut in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment, BTS is a seven-member Korean popular group.

The translation of the group names in English is Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

The main aim behind the group was to uncover the voice of the young generation and that could withstand social pressure.

The first hit was No More Dream that was a hip hop track, that makes a call for young people without the dream of their own.

Making out their hit they have been popular both in Korea and worldwide, after winning a Korean show in 2015 the group even came into the category to win album of the year.

They have managed to collect the awards like Top. Duo, Group at the BBMA’s.

Among the American market, they won the top social artist at the year Billboards music award.

In the year 2019, they killed at the night show that was full of fan and crowds that was enjoying thoroughly.

They are also famous for their storytelling that involves

A solid chunk of its music video and supplement material in 2015.

They are the biggest boy band in the world, people love to get involves themselves in pop and rocking music, and what can be the best option than the band that could give you a mixture of all.

They are known to be celebrities on an international scale.

Explore About These Seven Boys

RM the leader, rapper, and producer, was born in 1994 and is known as the centerpiece of BTS and now as a leader.

He made a huge hit when he was under Runch Randa and made his debut with Rap Monster.

He also released his solo EP mono in October

Jin is a vocalist, visual, his fill name is Kim Seok jin was born in 1992 and serves to be the oldest member of the family, being a member of the BTS he is also famous for his looks and jokes.

He is being into the worldwide handsome list.

Suga is a rapper and producer born in 1993, he is one of the second oldest one, he was signed for a big hit after he made for BTS.

His collaboration with Suran and Halsey in addition to releasing music under the name Agust D.

J-Hope is a rapper and dancer of the BTS band born in 1994, known for the best dancer while entertaining people. From the Gwangju-based dance crew Neuron, he later auditioned for the powerhouse JYP where he trained as a dancer and rapper.

Jimin is a Vocalist and a dancer who was born in1995 serves to be the main vocalist of BTS.

V- born Kim Tae Hyung in the year 1995 he was initially drawn towards saxophone as a child.

Jungbook the golden maknae born in 1997 known to the youngest in the BTS group, being multitalented he severed the vocalist.

Budget That Made By BTS

By making their huge hit, BTS has made it possible to reach the height by their hard work and determination and they bought in $130 million in 2019.

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