Technology And Language Used In Student Database Management (System In C Language)

Technology And Language Used In Student Database Management System In C Language – To make their future students make their full attempt towards their studies, so they can make themselves flourish.

To make them justified with their studies, they had to work hard, as with all the advancement and technology that the students of 21 century are taking, earlier it was not present so there were a lack of many developments and innovations,

Keeping the record of thousands of data and making it up to date there were are much software that has been made at present.

There are software’s that allow the management to keep the record.

This software is used to save a lot of time and energy, and also they are more secured and encrypted by one of the secured keys.

One of the main objectives that can be seen is of proper management and to hold record is done by the Barcode manager.

In this, the manual database of students is converted to computerized form for ease of readability and accessibility.

Later the system will help you to provide the relevant information by inputting the relevant information.

The applications can be developed by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 using C programming language and the other one is MS Access.

The students need to scan their card to see the details and hence in short can be accessed through a barcode reader.

These systems have provided an easy to maintain all records and to access the information when needed.

Technology serves to be the major part of our lives

Also, there is much reduction of human efforts.

There has been an of technology and efforts that have been put forward to develop the technology and the software to make sure all things go proper and also the student’s database is in secured hands.

If anyone wants to get details of any student in the future then with the help of an advanced database one will be able to fetch it with all ease.

While going to schools and college attendance is one of the first tasks that the teacher performs to make sure that students are attending and the one who is not is marked.

There can be methods that can be done to make so that involved, biometric, bar code, RFID.

To get it implemented the hardware that is involved are

Arduino Uno And Mega 2560


Barcode Scanner

LCD Display (20X4)

Different benefits can be served by the hardware mentioned above and each one will contribute to making the system that works well in all prospects.

It has been seen that there are much potential and useful technology that has come up to keep the track of students and other management that can be used in offices as well.

It will make sure that all data are safe and protected, no breach can be performed and if in future it is required to make use to get the necessary details it can be done so.

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