Leaders of Tomorrow Desmond Uyiosa Abifade Visits City of London Academy Basketball

Desmond Uyiosa Abifade was a special guest at City of London academy. Desmond who grew up playing Basketball shared his knowledge of the game to the young womens basketball team.

When asked “what made you take time out to visit the academy ? ” he mentioned” Being an inspiration to the younger generation is vital – I grew up with no role models, I made some mistakes but we are all humans, nobody is perfect.

If I can lead one person in the right direction that is one life I have changed.

As a former athlete and die-hard sports fan my entire life, I can approve that there are not many feelings in life that are comparable to winning a championship title and celebrating with your teammates.

The sheer joy and elation that comes with winning championships and being around your teammates has had the ability to make teams closer together despite anything else going on. It also keeps you busy fit and healthy.

Desmond Uyiosa Abifade – who previously played Basketball in Wisconsin and a Coventry University Graduate was a stand out student athlete. He plans to continue to spread positivity across London and to encourage the youths to keep healthy.

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