FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate

Do you know about FedEx warehouse unit 7 manor royal industrial estate? Not that might be the case but many of you must have been aware of the brand.

When you are in a need to ship something or you want to deliver stuff across the world. FedEx is one of the fastest air shipping service.

Each one of us must have tried the service of FedEx at once. The main reason is because of its service FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate.

It is super-fast and allows one to receive the package within the given stipulated time.

Therefore if you have tried the service yet then you must give it a shot.

There will be no delay in delivering which you want to reach urgently and also safely.

FedEx Corporation is one of the American multinational shipping and delivering services and supply chain management companies.

It has its headquarter in Memphis, Tennessee.

There are different benefits associated with the company and are-

Air delivery FedEx express which was one of the major shipping companies as a flagship company.

The company is also known as one of the top contractors of the US government.

The company was founded in Little Rock Arkansas in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith.

We all want the service which can help us to get our desired result effectively. Therefore when it comes to delivering packages around the world, FedEx is one of the prominent names.

There are lot many other benefits as well which one can acquire.

Let us see to some of those are.

FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate
FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate

Send And Receive Parcel Across – FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate

No matter where you are if you want to send and receive parcels immediately then FedEx has always helped people.

Therefore it has become one of the prominent choices among people. There will not be a late delivery and receiving status.

  • Easy Payment

Payment mode upon acquiring service is easy. To place your request you can either visit the local post office or also visit a website.

There are many platforms that are associated with FedEx services. Hence if you want to get your parcel to be delivered on time then you have ease.

With the help of online payment, you can allow one to receive the parcel you want to.

The air shipment facility has made an easy for people who live outside

Therefore people from all around the world can acquire the service.

  • Place Request Easily

For the placement of request or for any query you can visit the website. There is by login you will be able to track your order.

Once you get the tracking ID you will be able to know the complete information about your parcel. Like where it has reached and how much time it will take more.

With the help of it, you will be able to keep track of all of your parcels activity.


You can get to know the price of the parcel depending upon its weight.

But yet FedEx allows people to get affordable services.

They try to maintain packages which can be easily affordable by the user. In this way, the love of the people can reach across the world.

Shipping and delivering services has made most of the work easier. Users do not have to stand in long queues and waste their time.

The company grew rapidly and has earned billions of revenue till now. The air service has also made its main hub called a superhub at Memphis International airport.

Also made the busiest cargo airport in the world by 2020 and Hong Kong.

  • Acquire The Fastest Air Shipping Services

Coming under the fastest and best service FedEx is one of the finest air shipping services.  Millions of people have considered the service of the company. They have been at ease as well.

They have been able to give a lot of benefits to people all around the world. If you are in a need to send or receive parcel across anywhere in the world then the service is beneficial.

You can take benefits of the service and also track the order online.

The company till now have made billions across its services and hence made its name all over.

FedEx is one of the most beneficial in terms of both service and affordability.

Disclaimer – If anyone asking your details then you don’t need to share them, you must verify first company site, and this site is not related to any FedEx’s. FedEx warehouse unit 7 manor royal industrial estate

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24 thoughts on “FedEx Warehouse Unit 7 Manor Royal Industrial Estate”

  1. I was just receiving a message that said a package what is attempted to be delivered but I know save space which is untrue for one and that I would have to retrieve it but it looks like the retrieval is in California. Is this a hoax

  2. I work for fedex and to tell all do NOT fall for this it is a hoax. We have had a lot of people call or come by looking for this package to find out that the information they have is right and there is no package to be found under the information that the text message gave them. I would explain what you are looking for however it would make it even easier for the con-person to get away with it. I just highly recommend you tell all friends and family not to believe in this. Do NOT pay for something that is already paid for by the shipper, otherwise it would come to them COD (cash on delivery) again it would come to them.

    1. Thank you, so, much for the warning….🙋🥰
      I just got a text from Fed Ex my pkg. couldn’t be delivered and I would have to pick it up, not, in my state. They wanted $2.20 to redeliver. Typed my bank info in, but, got suspicious when they wanted my SS no..stopped right there.
      My spidy anttenae went up. Went back and erased my bank info. I hope the scammer didn’t get it.
      The text took me to a page with the FedEx logo and had the places my pkg. traveled.
      Was supposed to get a Pkg., test. or today.
      This is scary.

      1. just happened to me too, and i was home all day and really expecting a package, just called and yelled at the poor guy on the fedx phone help line!!!! then got suspicious and even madder when i could not find the tracking number in the text!!

    2. Mikki f you really work with them, you should alert the management. Where is your pick up point, scammer wants to have access to people’s account info thru Fedex. This is very scary.

  3. Ialso receivedthis packagetext it said wewere nothome for attempteddeliverywe were definatelyhomeate thetime therewas nodelivery.this textispureBS!thentheywanted$220 torescheduledeliveryideleted textwhen theyaskedformycreditcard info.nothanks, don notdoit!

  4. Mary Ann Anderson

    I just received the same message. It says to pick up at FedEx Warehouse – Unit 7, Manor Royal Industrial Estate. Says if they don’t receive any updates, it will be returned to sender in two business days.

  5. I just got the same message. I live right outside of Memphis and know for a fact this is NOT where you pick up packages when you can’t deliver. Plus the fact they said they needed a signature and nobody was home and my office desk is 3 steps from my front door and I have been sitting here ALL DAY. This has to be a scam. I noticed on the time stamp it said it tried to deliver it at 5:53 and it is only 3:35 now. It then further stated that it was returned to the warehouse at 9:03 which is 6 hours in the future. Please be aware if you get this scam message.

  6. I have been waiting on 2 packages for 2 months now! So when I got the texts. I thought…. Finally! It also read! Couldn’t find a safe place to put your package! Sending it back to the warehouse! You have 2 days to reschedule delivery! Then it takes you to a page that want to charge you to resend! $2.20! I’m thinking!!! Many packages I get sent here! There’s a camera right a my front door. Big as day! A real scam! Also do not order the inflatable NFL’s. Or the NFL sweaters! Those are the 2 packages, I been waiting on for 2 months! That’s also a scam! The devil is at big time work y’all!

  7. What is going on with Fedex, do they know about all this thing going on? I dont think that Manor Royal industrial estate exist in providence> I clicked on the text sent to me, asking for my card info, i gave, then it was asking for my ss, for package? i withdrew because i did not think that is right. I have stayed home for 2 days with no Fedex showing up, talked to neighbors to sign for me still, no fedex. What has my ss to do with parcel delivery, may the Lord deliver us from scammers. Now my parcel will be returned to England, why that when they can just left it at the door.

  8. Same Story. Got a message about a package they couldn’t deliver, and I couldn’t think if what I may have ordered. So I did some research, and here I am. when it got to me paying for the shipping again, I stopped, and I was told by a person at a bank on the fraud line that any time you have to pay for postage for delivery of a “free” item, it is a scam. Even tho this isn’t advertised as free, if postage was paid for once, it shouldn’t have to be paid for again. And they should have known my address, so why should I have to tell them again? And I couldn’t find an address for where it was located! Phishyier and Phishier!

  9. Exact same thing happened to me! I’m so glad I found this site with all of your comments or I might’ve gone postal! I’m waiting on my husband’s birthday gift to arrive and I was almost ready to pay the price to get it! Thanks everyone!!!

  10. This just happened to me so I started investigating myself and came across these reviews. I am so glad too because I all most put my info in too but didn’t because I never ordered anything to be delivered by FedEx. I hope other people investigate before the put sensitive information into something they don’t know about.

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