Hindistan Yapıyor Hack – 4.5 Millions Data Of Passengers Got Hacked

What is the Hindistan Yapıyor Hack?

Hindistan Yapıyor Hack – The web is being flooded with the news where air passenger nearly around 4.5 million data registered is hacked.

We all know the fact that how hacking is being around. There are many hackers sitting behind you and without your information.

They are keeping an eye on all of the activities and data which we are into. However, there is much news which also comes up.

Hackers will not ask you to get into your information. Well, this is why they are named hackers hindistan yapıyor hack.

They can interrupt your activity and other records without your prior information.

This means you will have to be very attentive when it comes to protecting yourself.

Perhaps they are involved in something illegal activities, tricks which can alter your mind. Also at a certain points, they can even hack your mind.

This means they can even call you from any random industry and ask you for your information.

Hundreds of cases have been registered and get into the file every now and then. People despite knowing the fact get into their trap of hindistan yapıyor hack.

But as we all know that we need to be very attentive here.

Now to this, there has been a case reported where around 4.5 million data has been hacked.

Well, this is a quite huge number and hackers have made it possible as well.

Let us tell you the case and how did it happen.

Hindistan Yapıyor Hack
Hindistan Yapıyor Hack

What Is The Case Of Hindistan Yapıyor Hack

We all know the case to what extent phishing and other hacking activities are increasing.

Now to this, there has been a case reported of Hindistan yapıyor hack.

It is the case where hackers have stolen the data (4.5 million) data stored in the system of air India.

Now, this has happened in India and there has to be severe action needs to be taken.

They could easily attack the next country or even the city.

There was a statement made by Airlines that it was the information which contains the-

Passenger passport information

Credit card numbers and

Surnames of the passengers

Further, the company stated that they are with the credit card company to know how this took place.

In addition to this, the security team has been called which can determine how it happened.

As we stated earlier as well there are every now and then hacking happening.

We can be sure were not to disclose the details but the road has gone far beyond hindistan yapıyor hack.

Now, this is where we become helpless. The hackers are so modernised with the technique that it becomes hard to detect them.

Sometimes security team are unable to resolve the case and they take the next round.

Now, this is where we think to be helpless. Well what can one do and how to fight against these hackers.

Despite the tough security and safety, they are cracking such deep information.

Apology From The Air India

Hindistan Yapıyor Hack

Hindistan Yapıyor Hack – Deep downside the authorities of Air India has sincerely apologized to the passengers. They said that it is hard to believe but it was not under us.

In addition, they also thank all the passengers whose data has been hacked by corporate.

Between this, there has been the information where the condition took for hackers to take around 10 years.

Further Air India is working with tight security and called SITA PSS. SITA PSS.

They told that there was another attack that happened to take place in Feb and March but that was protected.

British Airways, Cathay pacific and easy jet were also under attack.

Safety and security are what we all need to take care of. All we need is to corporate them all so that hacking can be stopped.

We have to throw the hackers away from our lives and prevent such losses Hindistan Yapıyor Hack.

All we need is to unite and make a corporation to what security we are undergoing. It is all for us and for our data.

There are many cases that are happening around. You must ensure tight security and safety to live a happier life.

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