Is Women’s Day trans-inclusive?

Talking about feminism, gender equality, and women empowerment is, of course, endless. However, women need no celebration; still, a day is dedicated universally for females globally.

Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th to honor women worldwide to achieve in any culture, profession, and other fields of life.

You can see, social media is flooded with women empowerment, strong women, and more quotes on women’s day.

This day is about women’s rights only, the modern feminism with the day honoring multi-face ideology of women.

Often it is asked that if Women’s Day is trans-inclusive. Trans inclusive here means if transgender women are part of women’s day celebration. Let me Know it below in deep.

History of International Women’s Day:

International Women’s Day got its popularity in the early 1900s, with a change of experience. Asking for rights for women was always challenging, but a sudden demand change makes it revolutionary.

In 1908, approximately 15 000 women in New York City for better pay, shorter working hours, and other women empowerment rights.

With the flow of time, these rights on body autonomy and reproductive perspective were followed. Even the rights on gender parity, equal opportunities, sexism, and misogyny were added to it.

The outcomes were raised with praise and criticism. Some measured this feminism demand as treats for women empowerment, and some judged it on being uneven demand in men society to raise meaninglessly.

International Women’s Day: Much More Then Empowering Women Worldwide:

The intention of being judged as biased, sexism, ad stereotypes were no more the chain women.

Even the misconception on radical feminism and gender binary was also a winner to some extent.

However, the flaws still affect many parts of the world as women have different cultures, social, and political backgrounds.

Women’s Day is even more rationalized with glaring issues like if transgender and non-binary people are part of it or not. To treat all equally was a bit challenging for people with binary gender and undeniable sex.

Are Transgender Women Included or Not?

Justifying this still adds up the criticism, yet still, transgender women should be a part of Women’s Day.

The terms like TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) make it a challenge because transgender women are not considered “real.”

However, their sexual anatomy to feel as women are attacked as claiming the thoughts as transphobic, which fails them to be the part of gender identity as women or equal to women. TERFs are precisely bad for women and feminism simultaneously.

Transgender women are still excluded, then how can we say that International Women’s Day is empowering women globally. Inclusivity will make it equal and equity.

The upliftment of females excluding transgender women needs to be accepted.

We need to think beyond heteronormative binary thoughts so that all genders, including transgenders (males and females) and even non-binary folks, will celebrate equality and empowerment.

Final Verdict:

Excluding transgender women still at its peak, when most people talk about women empowerment, gender equality, and feminism at peak. Hope a day will come when on International Women’s Day, trans-females will be the pride of such celebrations.

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