Are Violent Games Appropriate Source Of Entertainment For Teenagers?

Are Violent Games Appropriate Source Of Entertainment For Teenagers? Playing video games in the spare time of kids has become one of the most liked activities of them, there are not only teens but at times adults do make their involvement.

It is a part of the fun and entertainment that teens and kids can get.

Also with the advancement in technology, there has been continuous updation with the gaming zone and there have been the latest version video games are coming up with more and more features.

Some of the researchers and studies that have been going on continuous basis on finding that Violent Games are part of the violence or we can say is taking a place to make teens aggressive.

When teens play games they tend to be get involved in the character that they sometimes forget to be in their real phase and this can be sometimes be a part of violence but do it have to relate with depression or any criminal activity?

Stats And Researches On Video Games

Years back it was reported like in 2008, that was made by the Pew Research Center that 97 percent of the youth plays or are involved in some of the other types of video games (as there are many categories of them).

These can be fun, action, thrill, adventures, and so on. So one selects according to their choice/taste.

Among the action and adventure games, it has been noticed that there is some sort of violent zone that takes place, and hence this is the reason that most of the boys made it their first choice.

Also, it has been reported that most of the video games contain the content that is related to violence and it has a negative impact on teens, well is that so?

There is a big question Are Violent Games Appropriate Source Of Entertainment For Teenagers?

Well, the answer cannot be accurate as it depends upon an individual playing the game, most of them take them as a game and most of them get lean towards making it violence.

Since these two are separate things and hence it is up to the one playing and needs consideration.

Some Facts About Violent Video Games

According to the research and analysis made through many research center, it has been said that there are many cases and analysis has been done about the violent games and they found that there is no fact that these relate to aggression or criminal activities.

As if these would be the case then there should have increased sales in the criminal offending by the teens.

There can be a false positive and false negative (both the cases can occur and it depends/varies upon teens, on how they are taking their fun and entertainment part).

Conclusion Is A Conflict

As a part of the declaration, it has been said that there has been no connection found that violent video games are the part of the depression, aggression, or any sort of criminal activity.

So to conclude any of the statements will not be proven solid, no doubt there is a conflict between this and there has been a continuous study is being gone to know the actual point.

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